Friday, January 29, 2016

#30 Free Choice (my favorite poem and poet)

 How is Your Heart?

 By: Charles Bukowski

 during my worst times
 on the park benches
 in the jails
 or living with
 I always had this certain
 I wouldn't call it
 it was more of an inner
 that settled for
 whatever was occurring
 and it helped in the
 and when relationships 
 went wrong
 with the 
 it helped 
 through the
 wars and the
 the back alley fights
 to awaken in a cheap room
 in a strange city and
 pull up the shade-
 this was the craziest kind of

 and to walk across the floor
 to an old dresser with a 
 cracked mirror- 
 see myself, ugly,
 grinning at it all.
 what matters most is
 how well you 
 walk through the

This is my favorite poem ever because I really like the poets honesty. He is my favorite poet and I like how raw and truthful all of his work is, its real not fake and that's why I love it. When I first started reading his poems they were deep and meaningful which made them extremely hard to understand however this was the first poem of his I understood and connected to in my own certain way, and after that I fell in love with all of his work. I began to look into the meanings of all of his poems from a different perspective and I finally started to understand them. This is why Charles Bukowski, because he taught me to look at things from more than just one perspective.

#29 4th R

I liked the PSAs I think it was a good way to raise awareness of serious topics in fun ways. I believe it should belong in Grade 10 English because it is better to learn about this stuff earlier than too late.

#28 Observation

I really liked Tyler's presentation on Looking for Alaska. He made his presentation fun and different to listen to compared to all the others.

Monday, January 25, 2016

#27 PSA

We chose the topic binge drinking. We chose binge drinking because it's something a lot of teenagers experiment with and we wanted to bring awareness to our class that it's not a safe or healthy thing to do. I think given the circumstances and time we had to film it we made it as effective as possible.

#26 Why or why not?

13 Reasons Why in my opinion was an excellent choice for my final project. I really liked the entire story and it was on a topic I am passionate about because it has effected me before, so therefore I did my best to prove that it should not be a banned book. I also believe that this was a good choice because it was such an easy topic to talk about and it just came naturally to me.

#25 Rating out of 10

I rate my book 9/10. 13 Reasons Why was an amazing book that was written with great skill, the only thing that confused me was the dialogue between Clay and Hannah and I didn't really like the ending because it didn't really expand on how Clay felt after listening to all of the tapes. Other than that I loved the book.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#24 End of the Book

I did not like this book. The end frustrated me!!! I guess it could have been worse though at least the writer killed off the "Villain" aka Mr. Harvey, I just wish they caught him in the end.